The idea

We believe there needs to be a radical shift on how we imagine ourselves in the planet. This initiative is a step towards understanding our own individual selves with a overarching purpose of guided social change.

The highest stage of evolution would be when there is a shift in our collective conscience sparking from our minds with an enhanced ability to empathise and feel. We have to work out our ways on what do we mean by these concepts and how do we formulate a philosophy, but as of now let us keep the idea floating. It is rather more about the feeling, that if you are feeling something positive out of this, you should be part of the journey.

So what does ‘evolve’ mean in this context?

The primary step towards an evolutionary shift is self-transformation. We need to be in a mental place where we are able to embrace reality as it is (at the individual and collective level) and then transcend in order to realise higher truths. Transcendence is only possible by understanding ‘what is’ is and escaping reality is merely a form of ignorance. However this is a process and we must strive for it.

The secondary step is recognising our collective unity as a human race and acting on it. The issues that we encounter today (poverty, war, societal inequality,) are a result of our inability in recognising this unity which stems from a collective responsibility. The prerequisite for which is to have a grasp of the systemic processes underlying it. Then we can make a sense of where we have come and where we are set out to go. This would be a space for us to imagine new domains of thinking which is best suited for the times that we live in.

The understanding of the individual self and the understanding of the systems around us complement each other and help us shape our worldview. If we truly explore ‘what is’ and embrace this reality as a collective, we can hope that there is only one truth where we would all want to walk towards.  Let us seek and grow together. Let us adapt for a change.

For starters, and until the initiative takes shape, I would be sharing insights and bring to you wisdom that should be useful for a meaningful life.